Disco babies 
Age: 1-4 years old 
Class length: 45 minutes 
Payment: Pay as you go class £5 per child and £2.50 for siblings over 12 months. 
Uniform: disco babies t-shirt - free with a loyalty card on your 10th visit. 
The hippest class in town! A parent participation class which lets you enjoy a boogie with your little one, 
for more information please visit the national website www.discobabies.co.uk 
Fairytale Ballet 
Age: 1 - 4 years old 
Class length: 30 minutes 
Payment:Monthly, term time only (£5 per session) 
Uniform: Fairytale Ballet starter kits can be bought through www.balletballet.uk 
An introduction to the wonderful world of ballet. We have two classes Fairytale ballet Minis and Fairytale Ballet Midis. Our minis group is for children as they start out from 18 months old. Children are supported by parents in order to gain confidence and learn basic steps such as skips, walking on toes and plies. WE use a series of props including fairywings and wands. 
As the children get a bit older and gain confidence they can move on into our midis class, ususlly the year before they start school. Here we introduce more steps snd a little bit of classical music we do aim for children to be able to master skipping before moving into this class.The midis class encoyrages independant learning and parents are expected to leave the studio but remain on site or close by. 
Age 4+ 
Class length 40 - 60 miniutes depending on grade. 
Payment: Monthly, term time only (£6 - £6.50 per session) 
Uniform: Magenta, capped sleeved leotard with voile skirt. www.balletballet.uk 
At Steppingstones we like to gove the grades a colour, it adds a bit of fun to the grading system! We follow the ISTD syllabus and we are a certified ISTD dance school. From Pre Primary (Bronze ballet) onwards the students will work towards taking exams usually during our summer term. Studenst will move into Bronze Ballet as they move into Reception year at school. 
Tap and Modern 
Age: 4 plus (children must be in reception) 
Class length: 40 minutes 
Payment: Monthly, term time only (£6-£6.50 per session) 
Uniform: Two tone black and Aqua capped sleeved leotard, black leggings and black jazz shoes. www.balletballet.uk 
These classes start from reception age and follow the ISTD syllabus the same as ballet, children will work through each grade and exams. 
Tap is tricky but really fun to do once students get the hang of it, students learn how to make great rythms and sound with their feet! 
Modern is a great class that combines technique and free movement. At lower levels we encorage the children to use their imagination through dance and give their input during class. Movements are natural and the introduction of travelling steps happens earlier than in ballet creating spacial awareness. In higher levels we focus on limbering but also dymnamics and musicality. Modern is a great class that supports any other genre but also fabulous as it is! 
Acrobatic Dance (Acro) 
Age: 4 plus (Children must be in reception) 
Beginner Acro - 4+ £6 per class - 45 minutes 
Intermediate Acro 6+ - £8 per class - 90 minutes 
Acrobatic Dance (Acro) is the beautiful fusion of classical dance technique and the precision of acrobatoic skills. Acro skills will be added into a piece of choreography to blend dance moves together. Acro is a challenging style for dancers to master as training in both dance and acrobatic element is required to progress safely between levels. Acro technique includes balancing, limbering, tumbling, strength and flexibility. There are 12 levels in the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, we aim to take exams once a year and students are assessed by Acrobatic Arts external examiner and graded at a global level. You can find lots of information at www.acrobaticarts.com 
Beginner Acro - We take students in beginners Acro as soon as they start reception year, here they will work on mastering the basic skills of the primary level, students have access to a progress card so they can learn the Acro terminology and practise at home, Acro is not just a once a week class and does require practise at home to develop the set skills. In a begonner session we aim to build up stamina through a series of fun games and conditioning circuits. 
Intermediate Acro - by invite only. Once students progress on through level 1 and into level 2 they will be asked to join an intermediate class. Here we train the students for 90 minutes and work on levels 2-5. To move past level 2 Acro students are expected to take an addiotional technique class in either ballet or modern to progress safely through the higher levels. To be a strong acro dancer students need to have a strong understanding of their own body but also good knowledge of dance and movement for the dance element of acro dance.  
My Daughter goes to Fairytale ballet and absolutely loves it!! Steph is so friendly and welcoming, we haven’t missed a week since we started. 
Anna Wrigley – Fairytale Ballet 
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